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Chinese Pinyin Free Chinese Pinyin Free v0.6.5

Learn chinese Pinyin quickly and easily! This course teaches how to read and pronounce "Pinyin" which is the official system for representing Mandarin Chinese with the Roman alphabet. Chinese real woman voice. App also provides Pinyin table and Pinyin alphabet song. Finally, you can learn chinese song with Pinyin.


Klotski Master Klotski Master v1.0.1

Klotski is a sliding block puzzle. The goal is to move the largest block (in red) to the bottom middle location (EXIT) by making sliding moves that use the empty spaces. All puzzles are guaranteed to have solution. The game supply tips function and the best solution for each puzzle. There are more than 400 levels group into different groups.


Spoken Chinese Spoken Chinese v0.6.5

This App is a practical tool for foreigners who live, work or travel in China to practice their spoken Chinese. App includes 12 topics, with more than 1200 practical sample sentences and words, which can basically meet the communicative needs in foreigners' daily life and work in China. It's also a nice utility for learners who already have a grounding in Chinese to improve their spoken Chinese.

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