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Call Duration Call Duration v1.32

You can see time of calls for your mobile phone. Second column show you how much minutes. If talk was less then one minutes it show you one minute.
There is filter for date and time
Call list available for save to folder CallDurationExport on SD card or send to e-mail
Clicks on lists have a functions
Short click make a call
Long click make a filter

Russian, English lang support


Call Recorder Call Recorder v1.075

There are a few states that require everyone in the conversation to be aware of recordings for it to be legal. California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Washington are just several of the fourteen states that demand it

Unfortunately, since smartphone makers can't make their devices with each state in mind, they tend to do what's best as a whole. In this case, that's leaving out the call recording option entirely


Fashion Girl Fashion Girl v1.23

Pretty and stylish avatar creation kit is a file, where you can play with layers and create your own look for the avatar girl! Very easily you can make your own, awesome girly character. There’s tons of combinations where to choose from (actually over a million!) and all graphics are high quality and nicely detailed. You can also change colors in hairs and clothes. Get your own fashion avatar kit and have fun with it!


Flower Pictures Flower Pictures v2.6

Flower Wallpaper Gallery


Hotel Review 2 Hotel Review 2 v1.15

Hotel review
More than 30000 hotels. En, Ru, De, It, and more lang is support
More than 100 Countries of the world
Check the review for multiple destinations, make your choice and have a good relax!


Mole Whack Mole Whack v1.0.6

A cute little mole pops up through one of the three holes and the user has to tap him before he goes back down into his hole


Paint Cat Paint Cat v1.7

Draw a Cat!
Colouring pages
Simple game for your child.


Paint Dog Paint Dog v1.9

Draw Dog!
Simple game for your child
Paint, Paint, Paint,..
Share picture everywhere


Ping Pong Ping Pong v2.2.5

Pong Ball is a sport in which two players hit a lightweight ball back and forth using a table tennis racket.


Race 2D Race 2D v0.1.9.4

Classic car race 2D game with very expressive and powerful intro / opener which will catch everyone's attention. Race on asphalt tracks. Looks very good on the tablet screen high resolution

Recommended resolution of screen 480x800 and higher

Additional control by means of pedals and steering wheel. Dozens of

Win 6 races and enjoy the prize!

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