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Alchemy Fusion Alchemy Fusion v1.25

Alchemy Fusion
The game on the principles of "Alchemy" and "Doodle God." Connect elements to discover new one. To discovery awaits 500 of them. Start from fire, water, earth and air to get a computer, a knight, money, the universe and much more.


Mad Pixels Mad Pixels v1.0

"Mad pixels" is an application that shows what effects can be achieved using only ordinary squares.


Paper Aircraft Paper Aircraft v1.1.2

With this application you will create the best paper airplanes ever invented.


Sounds of the World Sounds of the World v1.0

This application contains almost 100 different sounds. You can hear the birds singing, dogs barking, submarine sonar, laughter and other when you want.


Sun Battery Sun Battery v1.0

Are you already bored with classic form of battery widgets? Time for something new. Sun Battery Widget is a completely unconventional approach to the present state of the battery. The battery is represented by the sun, which fades and goes down with decreasing charge.


Virtual Flute Virtual Flute v1.2

Virtual flute is a simple application that will allow you to play the flute on your smartphone. Realistic sounds of the flute provide you with a lot of fun. Just press the hole to hear the sound of the flute.


Virtual Flute 2 Virtual Flute 2 v1.0

Virtual Flute 2 is an application which will allow you to have a flute with you. At your disposal are 39 sounds of the flute, which allow you to play any tune. You can customize the set of sounds so as to best fit a given melody and save it to use it later. Completely new interface will let you play most of melodies without any knowledge of real flute.


Virtual Trumpet Virtual Trumpet v1.1

Virtual trumpet will let you to play trumpet on your Smartphone. Even so simple instrument will give you a lot of fun. You can also play with your friends on my other virtual instruments.

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