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Amulet 3D Demo Amulet 3D Demo v1.0.9

Amulet 3D Demo
is a fully functional demo application for Amulet 3D Live Wallpaper


Bug Destroyer Bug Destroyer v1.2.4

Bug Destroyer

Black Planet is under attack. Only the captain of the Bug Destroyer has left. Bug Destroyer was never defeated.it has the power of the killer rockets.And now, it is the time for revenge. Mutant bugs finally unleashed a brutal on Black Planet. You are the defender .survival of the planet


Earth At Night 3D Live Wallpaper Earth At Night 3D Live Wallpaper v1.0.9

Earth At Night 3D is a free Live Wallpaper
Unique look to our planet at night from a satellite view.


Fast App Installer Fast App Installer v1.0.4

Fast App Installer ,
Easy way to install external android application on your phone, search sdcard's specified folders and install any app you need.


Fast Task Killer Fast Task Killer v1.1.0

Fast Task Killer
Simply stop and kill unwanted applications and processes free up memory and increase your battery life


Fast Translator Fast Translator v1.0.8

Fast Translator

is a free translator with 37 languages supported including the most used languages , you can easily translate any language.

Send sms,mail,facebook, your translated messages in any language, (pro only)


My Ip Widget My Ip Widget v1.0.4

My Ip Widget
is a home screen widget to check your connection Local Ip ,Real Ip, and Proxy Ip


My Number Widget My Number Widget v1.0.2

My Number Widget Free
Do you keep forgetting your phone number all the time?
This Widget will remind your phone number.whenever you need it.


Quick Mute Widget Quick Mute Widget v1.0.1

Quick Mute
is a free widget for Sound Control
Simply set all your handset Volume On and Off


System Gears System Gears v1.0

System Gears

is an compact system monitoring application and Widget(Pro Only) for Android devices.

With System Gears ,you will able to monitor
your cpu usage,phone storage,ram memory sdcard and battery usage , and detailed information.

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