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Ali Lose Weight Ali Lose Weight v1.0

##Free for only one week!!(from 13th, June~19th, June,2011) From the publisher East2West!!##
Ali cat is becoming fatter and fatter, but his girlfriend the beauty peach is coming home from Bilmos city. Ok, keeping fit is Ali cat's first mission. In the game, Ali cat need to avoid all kinds of food and get diet pills, then you can succeed, but if Ali cat fail to do so, he will become fatter, their will be trouble between Beauty peach and Alic cat...


Cars wallpaper Cars wallpaper v1.0

##Free for only one week!! From the publisher East2West!!##(from 13th, June~19th, June,2011)
This is a black and white world of luxury cars wallpaper. Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, Porsche came to this camp. Cars background in the snow,some time will change,there is a lovely thing that a small animal will change following the time. This is the rare cool black effect, black and white,


Crazy PingPong Crazy PingPong v1.0

##Free for the first 1000 downloads!!!Price was 5 dollars!!!##
Crazy PingPong aims to loosen up serious swingers with a whimsical take on the sport. It does so to great effect, combining ease of control with vibrant visuals. While a tune up is necessary to address a couple of minor bogeys, it still tees up the best PingPong game on the platform.


Dragon Hunter Dragon Hunter v1.05

##Free for the first 1000 downloads!!!Price was 5 dollars!!!##
Want to be a dragon hunter?
Challenge this tower defense game from Feelingtouch Inc.
Attack dragons to guard your castle.



##Free for the first 1000 downloads!!!##
##80% off for one week!!!(previously 5 dollar per unit)##
Best shooting game in your Android Phone!
Prepare to join the EAGLE NEST?
It is the best training camp for newbie. Get your honor and glory here!

3 training mode to choose:
*handgun in room training
*shotgun trapshooting

Try to get more points and levels, and enjoy yourself, I am sure you will like it!!


eoeToday eoeToday v1.0

##Free for only one week!! From the publisher East2West!!(from 13th, June~19th, June,2011)##
This application is about widget . If you install it into your phone and add it to the desktop , you can use it view calendar Quickly and easily.  Widget of EoeToday  can be easily loaded to the phone, and the size is only 15kb, you can freely drag it and drop it on the desktop in any location .


FileGo FileGo v1.2.4

##Free for only one week!! From the publisher East2West!!(from 13th, June~19th, June,2011)##
FileGo provide a simple and friendly interface, allowing you easily get to local or network file management, APK installation, application management, process management, and other commonly used complex functions. And it breaks the limitation of one-screen file management, the interface will be extended to two-screen to display and operate.


Fly Boy Fly Boy v1.04

Endless enemies show up from the sky to the earth. as the best fly boy.
rule the sky to defend your land.


Go Fish Go! Go Fish Go! v1.22

##Free for the first 1000 downloads!!!Price was 3 dollars!!!##
Title your phone to control your fish.
Eat fish that smaller than you.
avoid fish that bigger than you.
you will grow bigger after eat enough fish.


iBackgrounds iBackgrounds v1.04

##Free for first 300 downloads!!!Price was 3 dollars##
iBackgrounds - best backgrounds & wallpaper app for android.
With 58,000+ wallpapers and 9 glow effects in different pattern and colors. Check just in for daily updated images.

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