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Battery widget R9 Battery widget R9 v1.01

Beauty, simple and incredible small battery widget size 60KB (apk file)!


Broken Screen Simulation Broken Screen Simulation v1.06

Broken glass/screen simulation. Program run in the background, also during game, watching films etc. It is a very realistic.


Heart Rate Zones Heart Rate Zones v071234219

Application allows you to calculate heart rate zones for many competitors.


Push Ups Coach Push Ups Coach v1.25

Push ups are one of the best exercise you can make, they develop the muscles of the chest, arms, and the midsection as a whole. They are the base for many more advanced calisthenics exercises.

The program is designed for person who can include push ups training to others and have whole control over it.


Squats Coach Squats Coach v1.22

Do you want to have athletic figure and muscular legs? Are you start to preparing to running or cycling season? This program is for you!

The squats strengthen the muscles of legs, glutes, back and contributes to improving the overall health of the body. The working out of the squats increases both testosterone and growth hormone level, that hepls to the development of all muscle groups.


Sunny Battery Widget Sunny Battery Widget v1.05

Sunny Battery Widget - Small Sun in Your Phone

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