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Binoculars zooming Binoculars zooming v2.0

If you are one of those people who want to see the details this is the application for you.
This application can be used as a very useful tool for zooming objects.
Zoom in to everything you want , it is very easy just as easy as pressing one button.
See the distant objects more closer.

-Zoom in objects
-Maximize the capability of zooming of you camera

With this app you can turn phone in binocular.


Finger Print LOCK Finger Print LOCK v1.0

Lock you phone for FREE

Read the description carefully to understand the trick how to UNLOCK the phone.

-Lock the access to you phone by fingerprint
-Futuristic design and animations
-Very fast scanning


WiFi Hacker (bgn) WiFi Hacker (bgn) v1.0

WiFi Hacker prank makes it look like you can hack any WiFi network. WEP, WPA2 or AES encryption. It just present a fancy animations nothing else.
Start WiFi Hacker in your friends house and , they will believe that you are really hacking their WiFi network key!
Watch the reaction on their scared face and have a lot of fun.
WiFi Hacker is a prank application that does NOT do hacking of the network key or network, its just for fun and it just have animations for entertainment.

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