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Apps Locker Apps Locker v1.1

Security tool which helps you to protect your phone from annoying people by locking your applications from public access


Assistant Clean Assistant Clean v1.0

This app is one of the system utility tool that improves your androids performance. It increases your phones performance and saves battery life. Apparently which boost your system os and memory. It also has process manager which let you clean system running apps. It included with Backup & Restore feature that help you backup apps as apk file and restore when you need them. System Cleaner feature cleans Cache, Thumbnail Cache, Log File, Empty Folder, Browser History, Clipboard, Market History...


Battery Saver Battery Saver v1.0

This application provides the best features to saves the battery.


Billiards Billiards v1.0.0

This app had two mode to choose: 1 player and two players in the same devise.


Car Sharp Turn Car Sharp Turn v1.0.1

You must to stay on the road all the time you can.


Count Number Count Number v1.0.0

The game is to achieve a positive or negative number placed randomly.


DotUp DotUp v0.0.1

Dotup is a simple game with one-tap gameplay. The goal is keeping, with a single tap, the Dot without touching the moving lines.


Fast Hockey Fast Hockey v1.0.1

This app is a realistic physics and fun air hockey game.
Challenge yourself with your friends on the same device or the computer opponents.


Funny Camera Funny Camera v1.0

Funny Memes Camera which is capable of modifying your photo to make it more spectacular and interesting, with funny pictures (frames, penguin, glasses, owl, ...).


Kill Number Kill Number v1.0.1

It is a game to have some fun with numbers. You must be quick with your fingers to get the highest score possible

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