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Capture Line Capture Line v2011.07.19

Is that beautiful when you can see your reaction speed increased day by day? Capture line is such kind of game helping on your reaction speed in an interesting game. Your mission is to press the button when the light bar moving in between the bracket. That's easy, yet, that's powerful. That's how our raction speed measured, and we provides you a beautiful tool to show your speed stat with flame effects.


Collect Pearls Collect Pearls v2011.08.04

A puzzle game of collecting pearls. Moving the grip of the line to cross the pearl.


Guess Color Guess Color v2011-9-18

Guess Color is a puzzle game to guess the correct color and sequence of 4 colorful balls. Each try the game feed player some relative information of the correct answer.


Shuttle FTP Shuttle FTP v2011.07.28

Shuttle FTP is a lite ftp server running on your mobile. When it is connected to intranet (local network) through WIFI, you can operate your mobile files by desktop PC.


Swyee Swyee v2011-10-15

Swyee is an originated finger slide casual game. Our hero, Swyee, is the one tear drop by God by seeing the water depletion in the future.
Swyee need to find and collect lost rainbows to win, bring back rain and the greens.


Tiny Lines Tiny Lines v2011-9-19

Tiny Lines is a game play on 9x9 board with balls of seven different colors. The object is to connect 5 or more balls of the same color to a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.


WIFI Changer WIFI Changer v6.7

WIFI Changer is a light-weighted WIFI-related APP.
You could use this APP to monitor signals, abstract signal information, and use some other WIFI-related, Network-related functions. And we provide a desktop widget (1x1) too.
We try to simplify the graphical user interface (GUI) to make this APP small size. At the same time, we don't want it too shabby.

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