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Tablet and smartphone applications development. Data driven web content development with Coldfusion. Graphic Design for web and mobile.

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BassGuitar BassGuitar v1.1.1

Bass Guitar Simulator - Fretboard map .
Learn the notes of a 22 fret bass guitar with audio.
4 & 5 string in standard bass guitar tuning.
Touch to play - virtual bass guitar.
Interactive bass guitar reference.
Easy to use great for beginners.
Scrollable neck with lock .
4 sets for sounds - Punk, new wave, studio, finger sound.

Great for working bass guitar lines.


Circle Of 5ths Circle Of 5ths v2.2.1

CIRCLE OF 5THS - Song writing tools.
Interactive reference & composition aid .
Touch to play - Audio.
Create chord progressions.
Major, minor, seventh, ninth and suspended chords.


Goingy Box Goingy Box v1.1.0

A fun game for beginners ‘Goingy Box’ can be used to create music, without any music knowledge. It uses a combination of piano chords and guitar notes.


Guitar Guitar v2.2.6

Guitar Simulator - Acoustic and Electric
Learn the notes of a 22 fret guitar with audio.
6 string in standard guitar tuning plus
Open D , Open E, Open A, Open G, Drop D, Open C6 (Zepp)
BEBEBE & CGCFCE with capo. .

2 sets of guitare sounds - Acoustic and Electric

9 Guitar Fretboards in all - switch from acoustic to electric.
Easy to use great for beginners.
Scrollable neck with lock .

Great for learning acoustic guitare notes.


Guitar Chords Guitar Chords v2.2.3

Guitar Chords - Comprehensive Guitar Chord Dictionary with audio.

Interactive guitar reference - AUDIO.
200+ screens .
Touch and play.
Easy to use great for beginners.

Contains the following chord types:-
Minor, major, suspended, dominant, diminished, power chords, hendrix chords.


Guitar Scales Guitar Scales v2.2.9

Guitar - Scales - Interactive guitar reference.
+ PENTATONIC & BLUES SCALES (in 5 positions).
+ GUITAR SCALES Major, minor, melodic minor .
+ The 7 MODES in parallel form - an introduction.
+ Ionian ,Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian etc.
+ GYPSY SCALE, harmonic minor.
+ Pentatonic Majors with added blue notes.


Guitar Tools Guitar Tools v2.2.6

Guitar Chords - Guitar Scales - Guitar Tunings


Tunings Tunings v2.2.5

Guitar Tuner - Guitar Tuning reference

Simple tuner - guitar tuning reference covers standard 6 & 12 string guitars plus open tunings. 20 tunings in all. Useful tunings resource for guitarists. EASY TO USE - match the tones to your guitar strings as with a pitch pipe.

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