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Balloon Memo Balloon Memo v2.1.6

A simple and quick memo application that has an interface like messenger.


Class Camera Class Camera v1.0.4

camera application to classify the taken photo into album automatically only by selecting the icon


Diet Memo Diet Memo v1.0.6

Easily input method.
"diet memo" is a new feeling diet management application which can be used like a messenger.


Easy Image Crop Easy Image Crop v1.0.6

A trimming application anybody can cut easily the picture and share directly.


Easy picture reduction Easy picture reduction v2.0.2

This is a compressor application that reduce an existing picture.


Easy Schedule Easy Schedule v1.0.0

App that enables you to check schedule and enter plans while you are out .


Easy Screenshot! Easy Screenshot! v2.1.6

“Easy Screenshot!” is a ready-to-use application which allows everyone to take screenshot (screen capture) easily.
The status bar (the bar on the top part of the screen) will be replaced automatically, the private information(screenshot time and present active applications) doesn't show off.


Fast Scheduler Fast Scheduler v1.0.1

"Fast Scheduler" is an innovative application that allows users to input the plan on your calendar quickly.


Kawaii Mirror Kawaii Mirror v1.0.2

Designed for girls, simple,fully functioned,more-than-a-mirror “No.1”mirror app


KUMAMON's Balloon Memo KUMAMON's Balloon Memo v1.0.0

This is a memo pad app for taking memos with text and images just like “WhatsApp”, “MSN”, “Viber”, “WeCat”, “LINE”, “Kakao talk”, “Kik” of the text messenger you are accustomed to. Incorporated "Kumamon" as the motif to help mostly for female users to enjoy the app.

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