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Aliens Radar Aliens Radar v2.0

The complete application is free.

Everyone knows that we are not alone, the aliens are among us, use the reader to find them.

All you need to do is to follow the directions given by this app.
-Find aliens in your area !!!
-Search for UFO unidentified flying object
-Get directions to find aliens


BackUp SdCard Files list BackUp SdCard Files list v1.0

Have you ever wanted to backup all the files in you sdcard ?
This app creates a list of the all files in your sdcard , and gives you an option to backup this list sending it to your email.
This is an application that helps you count all the files in your sdcard (even the hidden files).


Balloon Math Balloon Math v2.0

Math can be FUN !

Install this game to your kids and they will learn math fast and easy.
They will want to play this game and they will learn many math.

Your Kid will love this game.

-Extremely Easy to play
-Touch and the balloons will pop
-Super Fun
-Learning numbers
-Counting Objects


Binoculars Zoomer Tool Binoculars Zoomer Tool v5.0

Use you android phone as Binoculars.
You can use the power of your phone camera to ZOOM and to see the thing more closer.
If you want to have a zoomer tool in you packet that this is the application for you.

Take a closer look to the things with this app.


Blue Screen of Death Blue Screen of Death v2.0

Great way to fool your friends that your phone has crashed !
You can use this application to joke your friend that blue screen of death appeared on your phone.
Blue Screen of Death App is a great way to fool your friends that your phone has crashed.


Carnival Wallpapers HD Carnival Wallpapers HD v1.0

Save all the wallpapers to your sdcard, or set them as your wallpaper.

There are carnivals all over the world and they have different meanings and they are happening in different time of the year with all of the diverse topics. But most importantly is that they are for making fun and to entertain people.


Crack Your Screen Crack Your Screen v1.0

Perfect way to fool your friends!
With "Crack Your Screen" app you can prank everybody, just start the application and your phone will look like it have an broken screen.


Euro 2012 Predictor Euro 2012 Predictor v1.0

This is application about EURO 2012 Predictions and tips.

Get the best sports predictions, tricks and tips about the winners.

The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, will be very exiting and sometimes it is very nice if you can predict the results from the games.
With this app you can predict the wining team.

Predicting the winner can be very fun, so use this app and have fun.


Fingerprint Lock Fingerprint Lock v6.0

*****To UNLOCK the phone first press the volume up button that is placed on the left side of the phone. After you press the volume up button you
can place your finger on the scanner and you will gain access to the phone.
Start this app and you phone will be LOCKED. You can turn off the screen and after a while when you turn on the screen again you will have to


FingerPrint Screensaver FingerPrint Screensaver v4.0

Fancy Fingerprint Screensaver !!!Make you phone look different than the others.Get everybody attention to your phone.Just start this app and leave you phone on the table, after a while everyone in the room will look at your phoneThere are a lot of fancy and beautiful animation, that will make you phone look special.

This screen saver can be used as something very fancy that will get everybody attention

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