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Dog Trainer Dog Trainer v1.2.3

The Dog Trainer is base don dog whistle. But it may be used with other pets.

As most of pets can hear higher sounds then humans and as sound is higher it will draw more attention. But unfortunately most phones and tablets can't reproduce extremely high sounds, what ever manufacturers wright in specifications. Thus we picked high frequencies but still in range of the most phones. Maybe only frequency of 14KHz will be a problem for some phones.


Evil Luck Evil Luck v1.6.4

Variation of classical slot game. But for fun we used evil symbols.
Instead of 7 we used 6 and for bar there is skull. So, the jackpot is tree sixes.


Fruits slot Fruits slot v1.6.2

Variation of slot with 8 fruits symbols. Eight symbols make it a bit harder to win, because of that we increase cherry pays. So one cherry pays 2 times bet instead of one and two cherries pays 5 times of bet instead of 2.

Play free for virtual money and have fun


Golden Cherry HD Golden Cherry HD v1.3.66

Golden Cherry slot is a variation of classic 3 reel cherry slot machine, also called fruits slot.
This game is designed for play on big screen devices. .

* 3 reel
* one pay line
* Bet from 1 to 10.

Note: this app is supported by admob ads.


Irish Slot Irish Slot v2.0.34

3 reel slot machine simulator. Instead of fruits we used Irish - Celtic symbols.

Test your luck and have fun.


Jacks or Better Jacks or Better v1.3.4

Jacks or Better is classic casino video poker game, with double game.

In order to make game more comfortable to play on smartphones and tablets we have designed it landscape mode. Card should be nicely visible on most devices, except on small screen 4:3 radio devices. But check our standard version of this game it's more suitable for such devices.


Junk Killer Junk Killer v1.3

Remove DiskCacheIndex files from your TF card with one click.


Lucky 7 Lucky 7 v2.0.4

Simulator of popular casino game Lucky 7. This slot has 3 reels and one pay line. Maximal bet is 10 virtual coins.
No real money is involved so you may relax and have fun.


Lucky Suits Lucky Suits v1.8.34

Lucky suites is free casino slot game with card suites as symbols.
For more fun we made it easy to earn virtual money.
Enjoy in game and have fun.

NOTE: this app is supported by ads.


MoleMania MoleMania v1.5

A classic version of a Whack-a-Mole.
This game have simply goal - get rid of moles.
Game is splited in 4 difficult levels. Very easy difficult mode we have dedicated to old persons. Real gamers should try hard difficult mode.

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