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Amazon Notifier Free Amazon Notifier Free v2.1

With the Free App Notifier for Amazon you will never again miss on a free app from the Amazon™ Appstore.

Amazon™ AppStore offers a paid app for free every day. How many times did you forget to download the giveaway, because you were too busy or simply forgot?Our app will save you hundreds of dollars by reminding you of the free app every day! We process the information on our servers, you only need to download 1KB a day!


Call Guard Free Call Guard Free v2.6.3

With Call Guard you can block incoming calls/sms (text messages) or outgoing calls.
Now with Full Pick up/Hang up mode(no voicemail,no notifications) support for all versions, (2.3 Gingerbread included)!The only app on the market which leaves no traces of the call, even on Gingerbread


Cracked Screen Free Cracked Screen Free v1.8.1

The Ultimate cracked screen prank. Just enable the app on your phone and give it to a friend to try and press around. Each press activates a new crack with unique sound and vibration.


Safe Drive Safe Drive v1.7

With "Drive Safe" you can automatically:
✔ Send calls to voicemail and reply with a predefined SMS to their calls.
✔ Reply to all incoming text messages and let people know that you are driving and will respond shortly.
✔ Save those SMS for further reference.
all while driving and your phone is in a CAR DOCK (or charging in your car charger. The car dock should be a compatible car dock with your device).
You could also manually enable the feature under settings, if you lack a Car Dock.


SMS Blocker Lite SMS Blocker Lite v1.9

With the SMS Blocker you will block all kinds of spammers and never receive a spam SMS in your inbox again. All the junk SMS messages are stored inside the app for reference. Pay once to have the convenience of blocking spam SMS with this SMS easy filter.


Spoty Lite Spoty Lite v2.5.4

Spoty is a location based reminder,location alert,call blocker, profile changer all based on geofencing and proximity.
Your phone will never again ring at the cinema or at meetings. No spam calls during office hours or at night. Block calls, remind yourself to buy something when you're near the store or send SMS to friends/family near a location.
Change ringtone and vibration,wifi and bluetooth based on your current Spot.


Total Call Control Lite Total Call Control Lite v1.8

Total Call Control PRO is the only app on the market to fully support answer mode on all devices (Gingerbread and above included)!

Waiting for an important call, but the touch screen on your Droid is unresponsive and there is no way to answer the call?
No problem, with the Total Call Control you have the aid of all the sensors and hardware keys available on your device. Just shake the device or push the volume rocker, camera button.

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