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GeoRecorder GeoRecorder v1.6

The ONLY GPS logger app you'll ever need on android platform!

Key features:
* Automatically log your location when you use Google Map, Foursquare or any other app that uses GPS information
* Save logged data in KML, GPX or CSV format
* View logged tracks in built-in map view

Backup & restore database
Bug fixes


MemoDroid MemoDroid v2.0.1

Memory training tool. Utilizes "spaced repetition" theory to manage intervals for every item based on your responses in previous repetitions in order to boost the efficiency of your learning.
Import SuperMemo data including learning progress.

Optimized release package, added about dialog and relocated ads


Sensor List Sensor List v3.0.1

List all sensors available on the device along with their current values and a plot to display their changes over time.
Including accelerometer, magnetic field, orientation, temperature, light...

Can be a handy tool for development or hardware testing purpose.

Bug fixes


Surveyor Surveyor v2.5.1

Measure distances with a single click on your phone!

All you need to do is point your phone to the object you want to measure, aim and select the point where it touches ground, then you have its distance shown on screen. You can also measure distance of 2 objects, even if they don't appear on the screen at the same time

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