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Fake SMS & Call Fake SMS & Call v2.4.2

Paid version of Fake SMS & Call & Multi-Language support.


Fake SMS & Call Trial Version Fake SMS & Call Trial Version v1.04

This tool lets you create fake messages (sent/received) in your inbox/outbox as well as fake call logs of any type (incoming/outgoing/missing).

You can specify related message/call log info like phone numbers, time, type, body, etc, download and try.

Paid version is also available at SlideMe for $0.99


Shake Wallpaper Shake Wallpaper v1.2.1

This application switches your home screen wallpapers by simply shaking your phone. If you set highest sensitivity for shaking detection, it responds with the least vibration, which means you can even click on your home screen to switch them.


SMS Backup SMS Backup v1.1

This application lets you backup your SMS onto SD Card and restore from it.


SMS Editor SMS Editor v1.2

This app lets you load any of the messages into editor and edit the message body, date, sender info, any way you want.


SMS Toolkit SMS Toolkit v1.5

This toolkit gives you FULL CONTROL over your message box, including following functions right now:
• Schedule messages to send
• Create fake messages
• Edit messages
• Backup/restore messages


Travel Beijing Travel Beijing v1.03

This is a comprehensive tour guide for Beijing, China.


Travel Tibet Travel Tibet v1.1

This is a comprehensive travel guide for Tibet.

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