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DB42Lite DB42Lite v1.16

DB42 is a PLATFORM / PUZZLE GAME that puts you on the path to robotic GREATNESS! Use your wits to work your way through each level! Lite version has 20 levels for you to hone your skills! It features mechanics similar to those found in the hit games Portal and Portal 2!


Doodle Bug Doodle Bug v1.3

Like to draw or sketch?! Try Doodle Bug!

Are you a kid that loves to finger paint? Or maybe you are an adult that likes to draw? Or perhaps you wish you had a homework sketchpad like what you see on Khan Academy? With Doodle Bug, you can do all of those things!

Doodle Bug is a fun and easy painting program that lets the colors fly from your fingertips! It has a bunch of great and easy-to-use features that will have you producing masterpieces in no time!


Drawccupations Drawccupations v1.1

Looking for a fun party game? Drawccupations has got you covered! This fun-filled game pits teams of players against each other, drawing out random occupations. Some occupations are easy, like fisherman. Other occupations are more challenging, like paleontologist. There are over 400 different occupations that will test your drawing skills!


MatchCard MatchCard v2.0.1

An easy, yet challenging card game.

The rules are simple: clear each level by selecting matching pairs of cards that are adjacent. Cards are adjacent if they are next to each other left / right, up / down or diagonal.

How high can you go?


Necro Brainz Necro Brainz v1.4

This Apocalyptic, Zombie-themed game features a single pay line slot machine with multiple ways to win - much like pub slots you may have seen in real life! Nudge, hold, and press your luck for big winnings!


Pyromancer's Lab Pyromancer's Lab v1.1

Pyromancer's Laboratory is a simple and casual design game. There are no monsters to shoot or points to score. This game is entirely about CREATIVITY! You play the role of a Pyromancer perfecting your craft by designing new and wonderful pyromantic creations. Conjure up interesting patterns by tweaking an effect's various aspects. Can you transform the base effect into a fish? ...a candle flame? ... a waterfall? ...a spinning blade? The possibilities are ENDLESS!


Sky Ninja Sky Ninja v1.1

Dodge, duck, and zig-zag your way around the UNFRIENDLY skies! Avoid touching the meanies or you will surely lose, my young ninja warrior!

This game is Swarm enabled for global leaderboards and achievements!


SlideRule SlideRule v2.2

Ever heard of a slipstick? Or, more appropriately, a slide rule?! What the heck is that? Before scientists, mathematicians, and engineers had fancy calculators, they had to rely on the slide rule for their rapid number crunching.

Thanks to the AWESOME POWER of logarithmic scales a slide rule gives you several computational features using your very own virtual, mechanical computer.


Toyland Slots Toyland Slots v1.2

Toyland Slots is a toy-themed, pub-slots styled slot machine. See all the wonderful, classical Christmas toys from days long gone. You'll see toys ranging from the toy soldier to the lovable teddy bear to the choo-choo train! All your favorites are here!

Toyland Slots features a single pay line with multiple ways to win. Nudge, hold, and press your luck for big winnings!

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