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Gemini App Manager Gemini App Manager v3.1.0

This is a fast and powerful tool to manage your variant of apps, which includes Risk indication, app autorun control(ROOT), Task killer, Move app 2 SD card(Android 2.2 or later), Uninstaller, Backup apks to SD card, and etc. And in expert mode, you can filter and sort packages by many useful ways. Also it can call root function automatically to get better performance if your device is rooted.

Try this to check your apps, you may find something you do not know before!:)


Gemini Installer and Clear Gemini Installer and Clear v1.9.0

"Gemini Installer & Clear" is a tool to help user to manager APK files in SD card (scanning APK file in SD card, installing APK file, deleting backup file, and etc), clear cache (app cache, clipboard, browser history/cookie, search result of Android Market/Gmail, call log, and etc).

It is the init release and more functions will come! If you have any suggestion or find any bug, please contact us (


Gemini Live Logcat Gemini Live Logcat v1.1.1

Gemini Live Logcat, essential tool for Android development!

If you know what is logcat, then we have common language! :P

This app provide you a humane UI for logcat. Besides using add/edit/delete custom filter function, you can even add tag/pid filter by just tap log item. It can also exclude log msg with certain TAG/PID/Text. And you can enable/disable each log level separately instead of showing only higher level.


Gemini Taskiller Widget Gemini Taskiller Widget v1.2.0

Gemini Taskiller Widget

This is a widget used to optimize RAM of your Android device (nothing for else :-), but it is easy, fast, safe, extreme less RAM usage!). The "Shake Mode" allow user to release RAM at any time (even when you are playing game) by shaking your phone! It can be used as either plug-in of "Gemini App Manager (v1.5.0 and above)" or a independent widget.

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