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Nudoku Free Nudoku Free v1.2.2

You like numbers? You'll love this...


Nudoku Pro Nudoku Pro v1.2.1

If you like numbers, you love Nudoku!
Find 3 in a row, use your jokers and break the highscore!


Nudoku免費版 Nudoku免費版 v1.0.1


如果你喜歡玩數字遊戲的話, 你將從此為Nudoku,一款另類的數獨遊戲而瘋狂...

嘗試矩陣中三個相鄰數字相加(行,列, 對角線), 使其和等於下方的數迷, 贏得時間, 並使用你的解謎助手. 現在就開始吧!


ProfileComfort ProfileComfort v1.0.8

Create custom profiles, fast and simple; this app does the rest – automatically!

For example you may define a profile for your job: Just set the workplace or working time as a condition and tell your smartphone how to act!

In this manner profiles for each area of your life can be created, like “Home”, “Night” and “Cinema”. The smartphone will automatically adapt to your lifestyle.

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