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Activity Track Activity Track v1.0

Track over 200 Exercise/ Activity and Calories burned
Intelli-typing - Auto suggests as you type.
Chart 7,14 and 30 days activities
Share Chart , Share Exercise across social and chat apps
Drag, scale and dock Pie Charts
Succinct report with only main points of interest generated


ARRahman Search ARRahman Search v1.0

AR RAMAN FAN? BOLLYWOOD FAN? MUSIC FAN? Then this app is for you. Search database of films in which Music Maestro AR Rahman was the music director. Intelli-search helps in progressive quick search. Get Song, Lyricist and Singer in a jiffy. Tap on results for details. Long click to share the result via any text or sharing apps in your mobile. A.R.RAHMAN -> OFFLINE SEARCH-> TAP->SHARE


Choles Track Choles Track v1.0

Choles Track - Track your cholesterol consumption with an incredible over 8,000 foods accurate cholesterol database
*Based on USDA
*Over 8,000 OFFLINE Food Cholesterol Data
*Intelli-Search - Auto Suggest
*Turkey Meter
*Charts of today,7,14 & 30 days tracking
*Share details via any suitable app
*Share Chart via any suitable app


DiabetDiet DiabetDiet v1.0

Diabet Diet creates diet plan for diabetics. On tap, 10 food items with low to medium Glycemic Load is created. User can tap on random generate button multiple times to create random list of diet
The user has the option to share the items across chat, text or social apps. The shared items are also listed in float window. Tapping on lists also shows the items Glycemic Index. Note:For Android version < 4.0, tap Menu button to bring up menu items


Friends Dossier Friends Dossier v1.0

This app scans for your frequent contacts from your phone call KNOW Your Frequent Contacts, How many times you contacted your contacts, The last date of contact, Generate full contacts report and share.
Quickly send Group messages to Frequent contact


Genetic Ref Genetic Ref v1.0

Genetic Ref: For Biology, Genetics students, researcher and Genetics enthusiast.

Search and reference Genetic Terms in seconds.

  • OFFLINE Genetic term search
    Intelli-search - Searches as you type
  • Share - Long Press on results to share via any text or social
  • Details and Copy - Tap on results to see details in message box and copy to clipboard
  • Free

    Nice Finance Nice Finance v1.0

    The Nice Classification, established by the Nice Agreement (1957),is a system of classifying goods and services for the purpose of registering trademarks.This app is for offline search of NICE Financial services. The search shows Basic Number and Sn Serial number in English and equivalent France and Espanol number, which can be used to identify, classify and register service in countries following NICE.


    NicoAddict NicoAddict v1.0

    NICO ADDICT: Test your Nicotine addiction scientifically using Fagerstorm test offline. Get your score. See which Nicotine Replacement Therapy to follow in the report.


    Option Calc Option Calc v1.0

    Despite some the limitations, the Black-Scholes model is still popular for calculating the approximate prices of options.
    This app calculates the Call and Put price of options.Fast,Generate and Share report of the calculations


    Petition Track Petition Track v1.0

    Search White House Petition by ID. Example ID:50cb6d2ba9a0b1c52e000017 , Track your petition. Find and share via any social, text or chat apps:
    1.Petition Title
    2.Petition Message (Body)
    3.Number of Signature
    4.Reply URL
    Generate Report of searches

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