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AlienWorld AlienWorld v1.3

If you really want to play and enjoy 3D shooting game, then Alien World HD is the perfect choice for you. You don't have to struggle behind any complex game control,just rotate the joystick, aim at the aliens and shoot'em up. After playing it for a while you will get sensational feeling of being on some other planet and killing aliens.


Animal Alphabets Animal Alphabets v1.1

An approach to teach the kids to learn Alphabet with fun. "Animal alphabet" app helps the kids to write and learn alphabets with sounds of animals. The app creates interest in kids to know animals and teaches alphabets at same time.


Baseball BlueJays Baseball BlueJays v1.0

Know the latest score,schedule,twitter and news for the MLB Bluejays on your android device.


Basketball Lakers Basketball Lakers v1.0

Explore NBA Lakers 2011-2012 schedule,news,twitter,live score on your android phones.


BlueAssasin BlueAssasin v1.0

Easy shooting game. Shoot the red aliens. Kill them with bullets and bomb. Kill them and save our planet.



The app for Cavaliers Fans. Enjoy the quiz on your device for free.Test your mind.Check how much you know.Score more and put name name on scoreboard. Three different modes to play.


City Adventure City Adventure v1.3

A new game for hidden object game lover. Seek different objects in city every time you play a screen. Never get bored after completing all the cities.


Count The Squirell Count The Squirell v1.0

Count the squirrel app let your Kids play with squirrels at the same teach your kids counting with less effort.It is designed for kids so they can learn counting with fun.


Glow Hangman Glow Hangman v1.3

Play the traditional game of Hangman in a new glowing effect. Guess the letter and learn the new words.


Hidden Objects Hidden Objects v1.6

The hidden object game lovers. One more app for you,Absolutely free! The different objects are hidden in the stunning images.Explore the scenes and seek the objects hidden in the images. Beat your best time and play more.

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