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BobHoilBlogApp BobHoilBlogApp v1.1

BHB Official is Bob Hoil Blog's official android application. It includes all news and information from the blog pertaining to my android development, game development, technology, and more.


Bunny Snare Bunny Snare v1.0.1

Ever played pong? Well Bunny Snare is a four sided pong game where the goal is to keep the Bunny inside the fences/paddles. How long can you keep the bunny in your control?


DodgerAs DodgerAs v1.2

DodgerAs is the ultimate take on a classic dodging game. Fly your ship through continuous waves of asteroids and see how long you can last.


PowerLott PowerLott v1.2

PowerGen is the ultimate PowerBall number generator. Just open the app and hit generate and it will randomly select numbers for you.

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