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Answers! Answers! v1.3.1

Save the cat.. kill the curiousity!

Search Yahoo! Answers for answers to your queries. Get responses from others who have replied to your questions.

A great knowledge base awaits you!


Blitz Blitz v1.6.3

A high speed charge to collect as many soccer or football balls as you can before the time runs out!

The clock starts ticking, giving you 15 seconds to collect as many soccer balls as you can before the time runs out.

Avoid non-soccer balls as that will lead to an instant game over!

Collect the clocks to add additional time to the count down.

How long can you last?

Link provided to BallTapp! Classic. Download that too and give it a try for FREE!


Block Drop Block Drop v1.0.1

Platform game of epic proportion!

A fun, simple yet challenging physics related platform game. An addictive drop down (fall down) the platform game using the tilt / accelerometer feature of your phone.


Color Effects - Splash Color Effects - Splash v1.0.0

Color effects are fun! In this app, you create awesome colour effects from your images or photos.


Easter Bunny Drop Egg Hunt Easter Bunny Drop Egg Hunt v1.0.2

A simple but challenging Easter based game. Drop down the platforms by tilting your device, and collect the Easter eggs along the way. Avoid the bad bunny.


Food For Thought Food For Thought v1.6.5

Wisdom! Words of wisdom! Quotes!

Food for thought - with email!

Have fun reading these quotes (and words of wisdom), and be motivated.

Share the quotes with friends and family via email!

Some of them are funny, and should help brighten up your day.

Click the button to generate the next quote.



Football Airhorn Football Airhorn v1.2.1

A prank tool!

Select single or double horn sounds.

Wake your brother or your dog up!

Use it for parties, sports, to scare the neighbour kids, or anything else.

Reminds you of the soccer FIFA World Cup in Africa doesn't it?

Try playing it when you are speaking to someone over another phone!

New -> play 2 horns at the same time for a more disastrous effect!


Football Tapp! Football Tapp! v1.5.4

Football Game. Football Tapp! - a great and fun time spender football juggling game.
Perfect companion time waster for the Super Bowl weekend!


Math Teacher Math Teacher v1.2.2

A fun and addictive brain activity game!

Give your brain the exercise it needs, minus the stress.

Take your time and carry out common math exercises everyday. It will help your mind in being more alert and faster in problem solving.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division provided.

Have fun!


Number Runner Number Runner v1.2.1

Touch the numbers from 1 to 25 in sequence as fast as you can.

Beat your high score.

A fun family competitive game! Once you are done with the big names such as Angry Birds or Paper Toss, give this app a run!

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