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Call Block Call Block v1.0

Control privacy. Block unwanted calls. Schedule private times. Block all calls according to schedule.


Math Equation Solver Math Equation Solver v1.0

Math Equation Solver app can perform calculation of the followings:
Linear Equations of Two, Three, Four unknowns.
Quadratic Equations.
Cubic Equations.
Complex number Multiplication and Division.
Binary to Decimal Conversion.
Decimal to Binary Conversion.
2s complement computation.

Useful for Science and Engineering Students.


World Trivia World Trivia v1.1

World Trivia is a Trivia game based on almost all fields including science,geography, history, politics, current affairs etc.... One can enjoy the app through e-learning This game is dedicated to all android users in the planet. Lets play and see how much G.K. do you know......

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