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A simple Tale of two cites report A simple Tale of two cites report v0.32.13316.00863

A very simple "Tale of Two Cities" report


Chemical Formulas Chemical Formulas v0.33.13319.54874

This wonderful little app has a chart for over 125 chemical forumlas and is great for professionals, students, or just anyone interested in chemisty and science.


Chemical formulas lite Chemical formulas lite v0.63.13374.83567

The little app has a chart of about 25 chemical formulas. Have fun


Master converters Master converters v0.32.13313.47345

(This is my first app so please give me your feedback at this ebook has over 60 conversions, everthing from inches- centimeters to lightyears- parsecs, great for doctors, scientists, or just a rainy day. Happy conversions :)


Peroidic Table Peroidic Table v0.32.13315.34232

a nice simple periodic table

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