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aQuiz aQuiz v3.6.19

General knowledge quiz/trivia game. Quizzes about pop culture and serious stuff too!

11 topics:
- Geek
- TV series
- National flags
- Sports
- Geography
- Rock
- Movies
- Art/Literature
- Science
- Video games
- History

Four game modes:
- normal: answer a series of 20 questions.
- survival: give as much correct answers as possible in a row.
- peace: just freely answer questions.
- time: 20 questions, 10 seconds per question.


Swipedia Swipedia v1.3

Search and browse Wikipedia with style and efficiency.


* Swipe left and right between the sections of an article.

* Keep track of your path as you click from link to link.

* Handle favorites, last searches and last read articles.

* Choose the default search language, read the article in any other available language.

* Quick access to any section of an article via a summary.

* Share an article or see it in the web browser.

...and more stuff coming!!


Video Games Quiz Video Games Quiz v1.7

How much do you know your video games?
Well, let's find out with this graphical quiz game.
We show you a series of screenshots from various video games, some recent and some old timers, and you must recognize them.

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