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Chukki Chukki v1.0

Chukki is a classic pen and paper game now on your phone!
Play against your friends.
Compete and Beat your friends.

Chukki has lots of exciting features:
* Upto 4 players can play at a time
* Adjustable Grid Sizes.
* Give name to players.
* Mute and Unmute sound.
* Move to SD Card support.


Lock My Files Lock My Files v1.0

Lock My Files is an App that lets you to Lock any of your files.
You can Lock any of your Personal Photos,Videos,Files using this App.
It Safely encrypts your files with your Password So that nobody other than you can open it!.
It also has an integrated File Explorer with this!!


Save The SpaceShip Save The SpaceShip v1.01

Your MotherShip is being invaded by Alien Ships and you must stop them! Load up your ship and use your missiles to stop them from attacking!
Protect your Mothership and Yourself!.

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