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Count! Count! v1.03

A tally counter you can count on!
Are you always running out of fingers when counting things? Well it's time to put an end to that with Count! Count laps, reps, inventory, cars, people, angry birds, shots of vodka or even nickels from your piggy bank!


Hands-Free Camera Hands-Free Camera v1.04

Perfect for:
Self-portraits or group pictures, when you've got your hands full!
Speech Mode:
Say "Cheese" or any custom phrase to take a picture.
Noise Mode:
Clap your hands, snap your fingers, etc. to take pictures.
Shake Mode:
Shake your phone to take a picture with Auto Focus.


Voice Flashlight Free Voice Flashlight Free v1.21

The first voice powered flashlight, nightlight, strobe light, security light, siri light.
It includes one of a kind features like:
Voice Mode: Say "light on" or "light off" to turn the flashlight on/off!
Noise Mode: Make some noise and the light will turn on!
Strobe Mode: It's probably the fastest strobe on the market!
And more!


❤Cute Mirror❤ ❤Cute Mirror❤ v1.11

Have you been walking around all day with spinach in your teeth... or gum in your hair? Have people been staring or laughing at you and you had no idea why? Has your boyfriend stood you up for another girl?
Well today is your lucky day, because the Cutest Mirror Ever is here for you!

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