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CardzCreator CardzCreator v5.01.04

Send and receive 3D visual messages for free. Create a 3D card, photo card or 3D animated musical card and send it as an SMS, Email or post it on Facebook. Start from pre-bundled card or download more from CardzStore. Personalize it by customizing the text, background and interacting in 3D to get the desired view of the card. Turn your photo into a 3D card by clicking a picture and using it as card background. Once you are done, just send it. Track your cards, do a visual chat on Inbox.


LoveCardz LoveCardz v4.3.03

Express your love by creating romantic 3D greeting cards on your mobile phone. Send it as an SMS, Email or post it on facebook and view replies on the inbox. Create a card from one of the pre-bundled cardz or browse and download more cardz from CardzStore. Click a picture from the phone camera to use it as card background or use pre-bundled images. Customize message and change view with full 3D navigation. Once you are done, just send it to your loved ones or save it.

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