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Callback Assistant Callback Assistant v1.1.2

Application CallBack Assistant propose several predefined options after finishing the call:
- send SMS to caller
- redial now
- schedule a call to later (10, 15, 30 mins, 1 hour, or custom date and time)
- create custom task to user calendar.


Organizer Widget Organizer Widget v1.1.2

Organizer widget displays information of last and unanswered calls, new SMS, tasks and events defined in Calendar in one panel. Unanswered calls, new sms and Events for nearest 24 hours are marked with special icons and are summarized in red circle per group. On clicking Calls, SMS or Calendar icons you go to standard applications – Contacts, Send SMS and Calendar.


Swiss Watches Book Swiss Watches Book v1.0.3

This widget displays watches from Swiss watches collection. We update collection periodically. Send to our e-mail watches you would add to the collection.


WifiWidget WifiWidget v2.0.0.4

WifiWidget application displays security and technical information for Wifi networks.

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