Wallet Pro 1.1

I downloaded the App last night and keyed in a lot of detail. Today when I open the App today all the data is encrypted. I cannot see how to switch to a legible view or have I lost all my information

the problem?

Hi jhmtaylor,

is it possible to send to me (support _at_ rhombusoft.com) more detailed information what exactly happened?

Thank you!

lack of backup

this is what might happen to me, that's why i will hold up for ver1.2 which support backup/restore before i start entering all my important data.

Backup Location

And where is Wallet Save file or backup file location? just in case we lost our phone or HardReset, at least we still manage just only reinstalling back the application instead reentering all wallet data.

The wallets location

We are working on version 1.2 which includes also both options:
1) backup (and restore) wallet database to the SD Card (so you can easily move it on the desktop for example)
2) Remote backup / restore to our server (the registration is free and requires email and password only).

We expect the next version to be released before the end of the next week. There will be another improvements too :)

And something we forgot to notice: the WalletPro license is lifetime - you do not need to pay for new versions (no matter minor or major is)


What to do if we HardReseting our device? will be charge our creditcard if re-downloading from SlideMe??

This is StorageLocker

No, as long as your device is the same device you initially purchased apps and you login with the same credentials to SlideME to re-download apps.

Not if 'Completed'

For all apps/transactions that appear with a 'Completed' you will not be charged to re-download from SlideME.