Reviews of WalletPro

We have tested WalletPro (1.1) with Android 2.0 and it works as expected (no need to change anything). The Droid devices benefit bigger display: more visible items, easier data entering because of the less scrolling for the items with many fields.

Great app, easy to use and everything is working fast and well.

Version 1.1 fixes the issues related to the beta and 1.0 versions. Also added few more icons, new template and better template default icons.
The incoming version 1.2 will support custom templates for the user data and several UI improvements.

Incredibly buggy!! Can't save credit card numbers. Can't change expiry date. Definitely not ready for a version 1.0 or charge people $3.95 for it. I really wanted an application like this, but this app is just too buggy. I regret buying it. I hope to get my money back, or the app gets updated to at least get rid of the most obvious of bugs. What use is it if I can't even save the credit card numbers??!!

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