Support for Kindle Fire

From ticket #481 of SqueezeCommander Documentation-

"I'm not really happy with the Amazon Terms for Developers and I don't think that there will be a very large market for SqueezeCommander so that it's worth the effort...

But you can just install SlideME Market on the Amazon tablet (and on every other Tablet).

SqueezeCommander is available on SlideME:"

Does this mean that you reject the idea of a version of SqueezeCommander which installs from the Amazon andriod market, but the SlideME version will install and run on Kindle Fire?

I am still struggling with how android apps are marketed. How do I install SlideME Market on the Kindle Fire?

Acer Liquid MT läuft bestens ;-)

Habe mir die App hier heruntergeladen, da dies der einzige mir bekannte Shop ist, wo man mit PayPal bezahlen kann.
App läuft wunderbar. Ich hoffe, das eventuelle Updates automatisch geladen werden, da man das nicht explizit einstellen kann.

update messed it all up

just did download the update... and, upps, I did end up in a mess. whereas my music library used to be as well organized as on my computer now, there are only mostly empty directories left. wish I never had done the update!
or, might I have over-looked something?
lothar from germany


Hi Lothar,

Bitte schreib mir eine Mail an
android ATT flattermann DOT net
mit einer möglichst genauen Fehlerbeschreibung, da ich sonst Dein Problem nicht nachvollziehen kann.

Danke & LG Christian

Just a Question..but for me an important one

This could be magic!

Is it possible to use the squeeze commander app at setting up the squeezebox receiver?

I i don't have to buy a remote control too.

Greetz, VdW

Setup SB Receiver


you can use my free App "SqueezeConfig" to setup a SB Receiver.


Unfortunately, there's a bug in some HTC firmwares, see if you have a HTC device.

Best regards,


Hi. I don't know where to send suggestions - so I'll post'em here and hope you read them :)

First of all I really like the product. I never use the Duet controller - only this program.

1) Let the program remember its last folder in "screen 3"
I use Rhapsody streaming a lot. Works fine with thus program. But its a bit slow to navigate. I have to go to screen 3 - my apps - rhapsody - artists - search - etc etc to find a song to play.
When I then exit to screen 1 or screen2 and want to select a new song. I have to do this all over again.
Would be nice if it could remember where I was? Or maybe just some shortcuts to get deeper into Rhapsody

2) When I rotate the screen so it switches from landscape to portrait (or the other way around) it rehits the database causing a delay.
E.g. if in Rhapsody I searched for an album. If a rotate the screen it will reask Rhapsody for the information causing a delay.

Mesterlars, I've created two


I've created two tickets in the tracker:

Improved navigation through menus (easier going back):

Cache datapter entries when rotating (i.e. do not re-fetch the items):

Add yourself to the CC if you like.


Great ideas!

Thanks, mesterlars,

These are great ideas!

Could you please add them to the SqueezeCommander Tracker so that I cannot forget them anymore? :-)

Please create one ticket for each suggestions. :-)

In this case, you will be notified as soon as I'm working on the enhancement.

Best regards,

Would this work on htc Tattoo?

Would this work on htc Tattoo?

HTC Tattoo support now implemented!

I've just published the new release (0.9.3) that includes (among other cool new things) support for the HTC Tattoo!

Have fun! :)

Re: Would this work on htc Tattoo?


I'm not sure, if the current versions runs on HTC Tattoo.

But, of course, I'd like to make this work! :-)

So, if you have a HTC Tattoo, please contact me at

sqcmdr [AT] flattermann [DOT] net

and I'll send you a beta version so that you can try it out.

I'll do my best to make it work!

Best regards,

HTC Tattoo support

FYI: I'm currently working on a new version that will also work on HTC Tattoo.
(It will also have a better support for Android 1.6/2.0)

It will be released in the next days, so stay tuned! :-)