Reviews of Squeeze Commander

Great app, would highly recommend it!

Great app, would highly recommend it!

Works on Maxell 8" pad, Android 4...

Throw your Squeezebox remote away, your Android will be a better remote!

Awesome features like fade down (or pause) when a call comes inn. SC is quick and works like a charm on my Galaxy S.

100% recommended...

Thank you Flattermann this app is one of the main reason why i got an Android device (Sony Ericsson X10 Mini), as i don't like the iPhone or the Touch as they are to big and i'm not a fan of iTunes anywayz.

Squeeze Commander looks & works perfectly on my new X10 mini, also quite impressed at the speed of this app. Looking forward to the future updates to find out what developments, features and refinements this great app will gain.

Keep up the good work!...

excellent program. I use it with all of my squeezeboxes, works great on my 1st generation android tablet! the graphics scale to the screen accordingly. excellent, thanks to the developer.

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