Do you allow downloads from SlideME site?

Applications that are free of charge can be downloaded directly from the website. Most users prefer to use SAM, SlideME's Application Manager. SAM offers a better user experience to discover, download and purchase applications directly from your device. To download SAM, simply point the web browser of your Android device to
Once downloaded, you will have access to all the applications on the SlideME Marketplace.

Paid applications are not downloadable from website nor are they downloadable from website after being purchased using WebBUY. (If premium applications were downloaded directly, they are subject to being easily distributed and pirated). To protect developers and publishers intellectual property, paid or premium applications can only be collected from your StorageLocker account from your device using the SlideME Market(SAM) application. Your StorageLocker account is only accessible from the SlideME Market (SAM) app installed on your device.