Formes et Couleurs Formes et Couleurs v20.0

Votre enfant va apprendre à reconnaître les formes et les couleurs, tout en s’amusant !


Belajar Menulis Belajar Menulis v1.4

Educational app that will guide kids to learn how to write alphabet letter.


1st grade math 1st grade math v2.0

Do & learn 1st grade math skills.


Leeno Tales - Finding Gizmo Leeno Tales - Finding Gizmo v1.0

Leeno Tales - Finding Gizmo is Book One in a series of stories about a lovely girl called Leeno. Come and join us on her first adventure! This App promotes learning to read and listen with good clean fun tales to enjoy over and over again.


Dylan&Lydia Lite Dylan&Lydia Lite v1.0.7

Follow Dylan and Lydia's exciting adventures and learn English through the lens of storytelling and technology! This double- path digital storybook will help boost your language skills through fun games& activities and make extensive reading an enjoyable, interactive experience!


Колыбельная Колыбельная v1.0.2

Знаменитая колыбельная Моцарта, которая легко убаюкивает самых капризных деток!


Jungle Jungle v2.1

Jungle game is so fun to play kids don’t even know they are learning.


Preschool Kids Math Preschool Kids Math v1.1

Tracing numbers game for 3-5 year olds. Safe and engaging educational app.


Xylophone Piano for Kids Xylophone Piano for Kids v2.0

Enjoy with this awesome xylophone, a toy for families, suitable for all ages.


Meet Heckerty Meet Heckerty v2.0.7

Laugh as you learn to read English — the award-winning Heckerty™ apps!


Zanz Birthday Zanz Birthday v2.0.7

Laugh as you learn to read English — the award-winning Heckerty™ apps!


ABC Jigsaw ABC Jigsaw v1.0

Fun and colorful jigsaw puzzles to help children learn the letters of the alphabet.


Enseñas A Tus Hijos Instrumentos Musicales Enseñas A Tus Hijos Instrumentos Musicales v3.7

"Enseñas A Tus Hijos Instrumentos Musicales" es un instrumento útil para aquellos que están tratando de introducir a sus hijos al mundo de la música.

27 Instrumentos Musicales!

Vas a dejar que tu hijo vea algunos instrumentos musicales y los asocia con la música correspondiente.

Aprender instrumentos musicales será fácil y divertido. Enseñar la música es la mejor manera de empezar el niño a una educación más profunda y más rápida.


Teach Your Kids Math Teach Your Kids Math v1.7

Teach your kids Math using flashcards with dots and numbers. Learning math is easy with Glenn Doman's method!
Fullscreen flashcards with numbers and equations in dots or numeral format.
A fully customizable 9 weeks schedule with 3 sessions per day.
Record the pronunciation of the number using your own voice.


Jobis Hotel Jobis Hotel v2.0

Greetings to you visitors of Grand Jobigold Hotel! They are ready to serve you.


Interactive Time by W5Go Interactive Time by W5Go v3.0

Interactive Time, AR-enabled Fun Learning App to help your Child learn to read the Time on the Clock.


W5GO Addition & Subtraction W5GO Addition & Subtraction v1.0

The Addition and Subtraction App is designed for Preschoolers and Kindergartners to develop the sense of Math (addition, subtraction and calculation) in them.


W5Go Dialogues W5Go Dialogues v1.0

Dialogues for Children by W5Go


W5GoDigits W5GoDigits v1.0

Digits and Numbers - AR enabled Interactive Fun Learning App for Kids / Children.


W5GO Water W5GO Water v1.1

Interactive AR enabled Fun Learning App for Kids to Learn about Water, its sources and states, importance of Water and even about its chemical formula i.e. H2O.