aHome: Quick Note aHome: Quick Note v2.1.3

Note extension for aHome! make notes right on the desktop with this widget!

Major Update 2.1.1
Themes and theme selection menu!
Onscreen keyboard!

Fixed Mystery Line

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Must have aHome or aHome Lite


G2Android G2Android v1.6.0

Version 1.6.0, 25th of August 2010 Major release¶

* issue #19 zoom feature, using the standard Android gallery app
* issue #45 Deleted image via browser, crashed g2android.
* issue #46 Upload from inside g2android won't do multiple images
* issue #48 Current album is not pre selected when adding a photo to it
* issue #49 when adding a photo, list of albums should be sorted
* issue #57 Uploading images are automatically given a g2android summary and description


RT Rate Loan Calculator (Free) RT Rate Loan Calculator (Free) v3.0

Loan Calculator with real time mortgage rate feed for Canada and USA markets. "What if" calculation for different loan parameters. Can store a Loan to phone database.


LED Tester LED Tester v1.3 - hex color code input

Test the new colored LED trackball feature on your Froyo enabled Nexus One phone. Allows you to choose any color.

***Now available in the android market, search for "LED Color Tester"***


AntipodalPoint Pro AntipodalPoint Pro v2.0

Have you ever wondered where you would end up if you went straight down from where you were standing? This application will enable you to look all around the world for funny antipodal points.


AntipodalPoint AntipodalPoint v1.2

Have you ever wondered where you would end up if you dug a tunnel straight down from where you were standing? Wonder no more!


SimpleWhite SimpleWhite v1.0

A simple yet beautiful white and black theme.


Maldives Maldives v1.0

Maldives - theme for PandaHome.


Om Mani Padme Hung Om Mani Padme Hung v1.0

Buddhism Om Mani Padme Hung song player.
When the song is playing, the screen will display a rotating mantra wheel.


anyoption anyoption v1.0

Binary options go mobile! The best binary options trading platform for your android.

anyoption is the world's pioneer and market leader in binary options trading, and is proud to be the first to bring binaries to your device.


Cricket World Cup 2011 Cricket World Cup 2011 v0.8.1

Follow Cricket World Cup 2011’s news, scores and updates live on your mobile!


Schedule View Schedule View v1.0

An app to view the complete schedule of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. You can optionally filter the schedule on team(s), host(s), or venue(s). The app also allows you to view the group division of the teams, and the final 15-member squad for each of the 14 participating teams.


Egypt Revolution Documentary Egypt Revolution Documentary v1.0

Small Documentary about Egypt Revolution, contains about 100 Photo


IphoneIslam IphoneIslam v13

it is an app for the website called I phone Islam in this app you can see news also their latest twitter tweets and videos also pics .I'm not associated with I phone Islam . and the text is in Arabic


Geeky Deals Geeky Deals v2.0

This app showcases ThinkGeek's new products, updated products, and clearance products. As a bonus, it provides the latest ThinkGeek blog titles.


Noticias de Peru Noticias de Peru v2.0

Noticias desde Peru via RSS.


A Blog Of Jeet Dholakia A Blog Of Jeet Dholakia v1.0.2

Application Of "A Blog Of Jeet Dholakia"


CyanogenMod News CyanogenMod News v1.0

an application to stay up-to-date with CyanogenMod latest news.
This Application is using CyanogenMod RSS feeds to get this content.


eoeToday eoeToday v1.0

##Free for only one week!! From the publisher East2West!!(from 13th, June~19th, June,2011)##
This application is about widget . If you install it into your phone and add it to the desktop , you can use it view calendar Quickly and easily.  Widget of EoeToday  can be easily loaded to the phone, and the size is only 15kb, you can freely drag it and drop it on the desktop in any location .


2011 Pro Tennis (Ad-Supported) 2011 Pro Tennis (Ad-Supported) v1.0

Up-to-the-minute news and stats for the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, the most important tennis events of the year in terms of world ranking points, tradition, prize-money awarded, and public attention.