Flick Soccer Juggling Flick Soccer Juggling v1.0

Test your soccer skills in Flick Soccer Juggling for Android devices


Table Tennis Fever Table Tennis Fever v1.0

This is a free table tennis game with great 3D graphics and physics.


BasketBall BasketBall v1.91

A 3D basketball shooting game. A simple flick determines the angle and direction of the shot. The more you score, the more difficult the game becomes. The goal is to beat friends and others to the highest score.


Minibasket HD Minibasket HD v4.11

What is your race? You're a shooter?

Prove shooting basket in this classic arcade basketball game. Get score as many baskets in a minute.

This game will give you hours of fun and is totally free! Download it now!


G F C G F C v0.83

A very simple tap-tap football game for your pastime pleasure.


CalcioTrivia Quiz CalcioTrivia Quiz v1.01

Sfida il tempo e entra in classifica, tantissime domande su calcio italiano ed internazionale ti stanno aspettando. Tre opzioni per ogni domande, una sola giusta, trenta secondi per testare le tue conoscenze calcistiche... fischio d'inizio! Riuscirai a primeggiare?


Pocket Ball Pocket Ball v1.02

Pocket Ball is amazing game, its gameplay is similiar to football, soccer or air hockey games.


Kick it out! Kick it out! vAug13

The cool Multiplayer Football/Soccer Manager for Android. Free to play!


GSoccer GSoccer v1.44 SM

GSoccer is a football (soccer) game. You can control the ball by pitching and rolling your device. Your opponent is the android. The free version fully playable just you can play shorter matches.


Basketball 3D Basketball 3D v1.0

Shoot for the hoop and score as many points as you can.


Sports Trivia Quiz Sports Trivia Quiz v1.2

Sports Trivia Quiz - place to show your sport knowledge. You believe you are sports expert? We present you your ultimate sport knowledge trivia test - Sports Trivia Quiz.


Stickman Baseball Stickman Baseball v1.

Baseball Season is over BUT you got STICKMAN BASEBALL !!
Everything is on your finger.
Make sure you practice everyday to play in Major League.
When you think you are the top of the league you will face to FireBall mode.
Balls in Fireball mode are too fast you cannot even see them...
Pitcher will throw around 74 MPH and over.
Don't limit yourself.


3D Extreme Basketball 3D Extreme Basketball v1.3

3D extreme basketball shooting featuring schoolyard level. Have you ever scored from the middle of the court? If not now you have a chance.

Compete against your friends on a very challenging levels or choose practice mode for training.


Crazy Football Crazy Football v5.1.2

When you play the game, you have two options to operate.
1. Accelerometer.

You can tilt your device to left if you want to move your team to the left.
You can tilt your device to right if you want to move your team to the right.

2. The button gadgets

On the left side and right side, you will find two buttons, by clicking on the button, you will be able to control your team members to move to left or right.


Furious Climber Furious Climber v1.32

Would you like to feel, how it is climbing? Try to solve real climbing problems and get to the top of the route. An intuitive and realistic game.


Pocket Golf Club Pocket Golf Club v3.0

Pocket Golf Club is cool handy game for people who don’t have time to go to real golf course and want to make wonders!!!


4th & Goal Football 4th & Goal Football v1.6

4th and Goal Football Lite brings the excitement of American football to the mobile platform!


Boxing Day Boxing Day v1.0

Boxing Day is an action game for new boxers who want to improve their skills!


Power Pong Power Pong v1.0

Ping pong game with power ups and a graphic user interface that makes it unique!


Basketball Hit Basketball Hit v1.2

A simple stress reducing game. Just aim, predict with the hint lines and shoot a shot to reach the best score. Enjoy the Game!!