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Basket Ed and the nerds Basket Ed and the nerds v1.6

Basketball Ed is practicing when geeks suddenly show up to spectate. Each geek / nerd is very wise and very annoying. What should Ed do. Continue shooting at the basket or...
You play Ed and control the angle and the thrust of which he shoots the basketball.


Basketball Ed Open office Basketball Ed Open office v2.8

Basketball Ed has found his way to an open office in a major company.
The office features a fully decorated office as you would expect it.
The nerds have access to coffee machines and soda machines.
These machines can sometimes block a well placed shot.
Each level contains of 4 stages where more and more geeks need to be hit with the basketballs.
In each stage Ed will get 5 basketballs to throw. So aim carefully.


Chickenball Casual Chickenball Casual v1.20

Chickenball Casual lets you control a chickenball by bashing it with tabletennis bats. The purpose is to collect enough eggs so the farmer lets the chicken sleep in the soft hay. There is currently 10 levels available. The levels will be opened by completing levels.


Duck Dry Foot Duck Dry Foot v1.6

Duck Dry Foot likes to keep his feet dry.
He jumps from platform to platform to get to his next girlfriend.
The piggies are his friends and helps him complete the levels.


Shuffleboard Casual Shuffleboard Casual v4.21

The world championship has begun. The sport is shuffleboard. The rules are strict.

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