Brain Teasers Kids Brain Teasers Kids v1.1.3

Learning and playing learning games always goes hand in hand.
this game is specially designed for kids above 2 and below 12 years.


Kids Animal Paint Kids Animal Paint v1.0

Let Your kid generate a creative mind , painting is not just fun, it enhances the creativity of a child to a different level
It will also help them to memorize the animals and how they look.


Color Pins Color Pins v1.0

Color Pins is an incredible way to boost imagination and creativity of your children. Your kids will enjoy creating shapes with different colored thumbtacks. Free the artist in you and become nostalgic creating great scenes!


Alphabet Flash Cards Alphabet Flash Cards v1.0

These Alphabet Flash Cards are an essential tool in helping to teach your child the alphabet.


QuickPaint Kids Color Book QuickPaint Kids Color Book v110

QuickPaint is a cute coloring book for kids.
* It allows you to select sketch in a single click.
* You can start painting by simply touching the drawing.
* The voice over tutor works as color & object lessons for kids.
* Click the magic button to see animation magic!
* Save kids' creations to gallery.
* Share via social networks.


Rocket Rangers Preschool Rocket Rangers Preschool v1.0.1

Rocket Rangers Preschool is a fun collection of simple space-themed educational games for children ages 2 to 5.

Rocket Rangers Preschool is designed to be child-safe. There are no advertisements, external links, in-app purchases, or social media interfaces.


BooZoo - PreSchool Kids ABC BooZoo - PreSchool Kids ABC v1.1

Make your child learn English Alphabet with an easy and addictive game format.


HistorySensei HistorySensei v2.3

History sensei, est un quiz d'histoire. Chaque époque est représenté par 20 questions, du fait divers à l'invention révolutionnaire.


Safari Slides Lite Safari Slides Lite v1.3.2

Safari Slides Lite by Chokas Apps is FREE version of Safari Slides series. Safari Slides has fun features for your toddler.

Tested on devices:
Nexus 7 tablet, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Desire, etc.


Kids Learning Games Kids Learning Games v1.0.2

Kids learning games is an educational game for kids. Our mission is: "Fun for learning, learning for fun!"

Our cute cat is going fishing. Let’s help him get more fish in the shortest time.


Telling the time Telling the time v1.0.0

Kids Learn Time is an educational game for young children.Our mission is: "Fun for learning, learning for fun!"

Being able to tell the time is a very valuable skill for kids. On a clock, we measure time in hours and minutes. There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in one day. Our cute cat will teach you how to telling the time step by step. Also Qcat give the kids a chance to practice telling the time from easy to difficult.


BF_Memory BF_Memory v1.0

Brain Fun Memory is a classic memory game where you touch the cards to uncover the image underneath, and then try to remember where you saw the same card before.


KidTeach KidTeach v1.2

KidTeach is a Visual Tutor Application, aimed at teaching kids the names, Spellings and Pronunciations of real world things. It shows an Image (cartoon style, but closer to real thing), its name, then
Spells it and pronounces it.
It also has a Test Mode, which shows an Image, provides 4 Options, allows selection of an option, counts correct choices made, calculates correct choice percentage (against total items of the category), and eventually, helps monitor the progress of Kid's Learning.


Kids Touch Kids Touch v1.0

Kids Touch is an educational game for toddlers


Glow Draw Glow Draw v1.0

Draw with glowing streaks of lights!


TapRose TapRose v1.0

This word recognition game presents color words where the text and the color do not always match. You have one minute to tap words that match their color.

Rose: "My words got all mixed up. Can you help me find the right colors?"


Toddler learning colors Toddler learning colors v1.0.0

FUN learning colors and playing sounds!


Kids Spelling Learner Kids Spelling Learner v1.0

The Kids Spelling Learner (KSL) is mainly targeted for the kids who are just into schooling and trying to learn how to pronounce English alphabets, frame and learn basic 2 letters words, 3 letters words, 4 letters words and some complicated English words


Coloring Book 4 Kids Coloring Book 4 Kids v1.0.1

Free Coloring Book application for your children. Now you can have with you more than 100 coloring pages.


Animal Sounds Animal Sounds v1.3.0

Playing this game children develops, knowing the world and studying the sounds of animals!