Alphabet Flash Cards Alphabet Flash Cards v1.0

These Alphabet Flash Cards are an essential tool in helping to teach your child the alphabet.


SolarExplorer SolarExplorer v2.5.3

Solar Explorer will take you on an interactive 3D trip through our solar system. Featuring more than 35 planets, moons, asteroids and the spacecraft that have visited them, you'll have a chance to see a different side of our little corner of the galaxy!


BF_Memory BF_Memory v1.0

Brain Fun Memory is a classic memory game where you touch the cards to uncover the image underneath, and then try to remember where you saw the same card before.


Rocket Rangers Preschool Rocket Rangers Preschool v1.0.1

Rocket Rangers Preschool is a fun collection of simple space-themed educational games for children ages 2 to 5.

Rocket Rangers Preschool is designed to be child-safe. There are no advertisements, external links, in-app purchases, or social media interfaces.


KidTeach KidTeach v1.2

KidTeach is a Visual Tutor Application, aimed at teaching kids the names, Spellings and Pronunciations of real world things. It shows an Image (cartoon style, but closer to real thing), its name, then
Spells it and pronounces it.
It also has a Test Mode, which shows an Image, provides 4 Options, allows selection of an option, counts correct choices made, calculates correct choice percentage (against total items of the category), and eventually, helps monitor the progress of Kid's Learning.


BooZoo - PreSchool Kids ABC BooZoo - PreSchool Kids ABC v1.1

Make your child learn English Alphabet with an easy and addictive game format.


Fun Toddler and Kids Learning Fun Toddler and Kids Learning v1.01

Simple fun and interactive - Fun Toddler& Kids Learning is for all ages. By touching certain places on the screen will play vibrant sounds, pronounce the name and also display the title. Bright colorful character sets from different topics, gives fun entertainment for any child for hours and hours.


GCSE Vocab Tester GCSE Vocab Tester v1.0

GCSE Language exams coming up? Then this app is for you!


HistorySensei HistorySensei v2.3

History sensei, est un quiz d'histoire. Chaque époque est représenté par 20 questions, du fait divers à l'invention révolutionnaire.


Creative Kids Paint Pro Creative Kids Paint Pro v1.6.0

***Creative Kids Paint - Creative on each fingers!***
✓ It is easy for the children to make their choice among 100 available wallpapers
✓ Thanks to having an adequate colour system
✓ Superior to other products, Creative Kids Paint supportschildren to add icons to the picture
✓ Last but not least, a special feature of this product is background music
✓Now, let’s play and have fun!


Glow Draw Glow Draw v1.0

Draw with glowing streaks of lights!


Formes et Couleurs Formes et Couleurs v20.0

Votre enfant va apprendre à reconnaître les formes et les couleurs, tout en s’amusant !


Alphabet Balls Alphabet Balls v1.0

Alphabet Balls game is designed for children 2-10 years of age. It is meant to help them get familiar with the alphabet and numbers from 1 to 100. Letters are pronounced upon a ball is tapped upon.

This game is also recommended for teachers as a fun method to teach kids letters and numbers.

Warning: Your kids will beg for your phone or tablet after they try this game.



Welcome to ABC world! ABC Fun HD gives your child loads of ways to have fun with ABC's!


Amharic Alphabets Amharic Alphabets v1.0.1

Ethiopia is found in the horn of Africa. And the Language Amharic(presented in this app) is used by considerable amount of Ethiopians including the majority of settlers in the capital city. This simple app teaches:The order of the Alphabets, How Characters look, How the character sounds.


The Creatures of Harmony Valley and the Musical Alphabet The Creatures of Harmony Valley and the Musical Alphabet v1.1.0

Make learning an easy, fun and musical world for your child with this fully interactive and animated book, packed with wonderful images, creatures and music. Combine literacy, numeracy and musical education with this fun and interactive book.


Creatures Creatures v1.0.1

It's getting near Christmas and the Creatures love nothing more than some music and a party.

Choose your magic color and transform the Creatures for Santa's party in the beautiful north pole and Sing along to the Creatures' music.


1st grade math 1st grade math v2.0

Do & learn 1st grade math skills.


Kids Maths Kids Maths v1.00

KIDSMATHS is a math Teacher, Trainer & Tutor pack which makes the KIDS to become knowledgable in Foundations in Mathematics in the area of ADDITION & SUBTRACTION


Toddler Zoo Touch Toddler Zoo Touch v1.3

• Over 60 animals in full size pictures.
• Touch the screen to hear the sound the animals make.
• Touch the name of the animals to play their names in a real voice - not text to speech.
• Great for toddlers and kids of all ages.