AndPipes! AndPipes! v1.0.3

AndPipes is a pipes clone for Android.
It is your job to build pipes faster than the water rushes through.
Build fast - Build smart.


Snake Snacks Snake Snacks v1.0.0

Alpha: This is app is nowhere near ready. I am just releasing it at the moment to get some feedback on the user input / responsiveness etc. of the app. Please feel free of course to send me your thoughts. Go to my website ( to see more about it and for some help. (Hit MENU > restart mainly if you have problems)

In this snake game you are not just restricted to moving up, down, left or right you can go in any direction you wish. Just trace your finger around the screen and the snake will follow. You gain points by eating apples as they appear on screen.


zilch Free zilch Free v1.3.5

Zilch is a dice game mostly based on Dice 10000


ArtfulBits aiMinesweeper ArtfulBits aiMinesweeper v3.2.1

aiMinesweeper is a mobile version of one the best single-player logical games ever made. The game is still very popular among players of different age and social origin.

Our application is classic, “old school” version of that game. All we add to it is our love, style and time :) Please enjoy of it.



DancingSanta DancingSanta v2.0.6

Become a dancing Santa! Funny Santa Claus is dancing incendiary christmas dance.


Theseus Lite Theseus Lite v1.5.6

Lite version of an outstanding puzzle game with the most clever brain teasers.


The labyrinth 2 The labyrinth 2 v1.0.3

Move the ball through the labyrinth with accelerometer to win the game.
New graphics, sounds, gameplay added.
Please try it free.


Close to Zero Close to Zero v0.9.2 Andromeda

Close to Zero is a mathematical brain game.

Challenge your friends or the computer trying to get a combination of numbers with a sum closer to 0 and keep your rows and columns balanced!
But beware... Towards the end everything can change!


SWAT Free SWAT Free v1.0.1

The White House is having a major pest issue. Guide the President through the White House advising him on his best fly swatting strategy. Fast, addicting, fly swatting fun!


SWAT Free SWAT Free v1.0.1

Take the President through real White House rooms and advise him on his best fly swatting strategy. Avoid the butterflies and be sure to kill the spiders when you see any. If you allow too many flies in, the White House will become infested!


The Styx The Styx v2.95

Help the Ferryman to ferry souls of the dead over river Styx to kingdom of Hades.


Zenses Zenses v1.1

Escape the stress of your daily life!

Zenses Rainforest  lets you escape from the stress of daily life while challenging the mind, body and spirit through relaxing puzzle games, soothing ambient sounds and authentic rainforest  visuals. We call this active relaxation!

Get the free version now!


Space Streamer ( v-1.4.0 ) Space Streamer ( v-1.4.0 ) v1.4.0.

2D Space exploration simulator. Explore a universe inside your phone.

25 sectors. Endless variety of torpedo-dot patterns blinking along as you tap out a beat.

Learn orbital flight and discover a mystery or two.

Press menu button for a control menu, again for 2nd control menu.

"H" for help in multiple languages.


Temple Seeker Lite Temple Seeker Lite v1.0.8

In Temple Seeker, the speed of your eyes and fingers are key! Find hidden objects, spot discrepancies, and solve fat-paced puzzles to advance. Touch the screen to select objects in the game, but selecting the wrong item too many times will cause a time penalty. Clues are available in each round.


Eye In The Sky Eye In The Sky v1.30

Protect a unique alien forest by blowing away the bad elements, while letting the good ones through. The forests are composed of 3D fractals, creating a unique alien looking backdrop for the game.

Finish 9 levels of various alien forest levels, and get a bonus "free style" level in level 10.


MMUpdatePack1 MMUpdatePack1 v1.0

This is a free update pack for the game Memory Maze.

Adds ten new phrases to Memory Maze.

You must have Memory Maze installed before running this app.


Hadouken Lite (cupcake) Hadouken Lite (cupcake) v1.2.0 +many improvements +bugfixes

★Choose between Soundboard or Action modes
★Lots of bugfixes

Be a real street fighter with this app. It uses the accelerometer to enable you to cast hadoukens, punches and shoryukens!

Ad supported app, full version is ad-free


Math Test Math Test v1.0

Math Test is a fun maths game where you must answer as many correct answers as you can in just 1 minute.


HangMan HangMan v3.5

its a very simple game where you have to guess the WORD before Hang process is completed and before the time is over.You can choose different categories(i.e. Country Names, Sprots Names, Animal Names, Element Names and Movie Names).


UFO Attack UFO Attack v3.2

Funny game where the goal is to shut down UFOs coming against you!

How long can you stay alive!