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Angry Balls Angry Balls v1.2.0

Funny physics game.

Shoot balls for throwing many kinds of blocks on the platform.

Big challenge to your reaction and mind.


Baviux Baviux v1.06

Baviux are small blue creatures that were removed from their planet and taken as slaves. Now, with your help, they can go back to home...

To play you must use the two buttons to create "air flows", and you can rotate your phone to change gravity!

The gameplay reminds the 80's "water games", like the iPhone game "iWater Flow".


Classic Snake II Classic Snake II v2.0.8

Snake is a quickly played, easily addictive game. If you're ever owned a Nokia mobile phone, you should know this game. It's classic time-wasting game. Your score will be global rank. Do you want to challenge?


Duck Hunter! Duck Hunter! v2.1.1

Duck season is open. Real effect and real sound.

Shot gun duck hunt. Have FUN!


ET Online Wallpaper ET Online Wallpaper v1.01

Wallpaper view tool, view and choose picture you like as wallpaper.


Fishing Fishing v1.6.0

This is a free and fun FISHING game. Kind of like the classic game - GOLD MINER, but not the same! just press the screen at the right time to throw the spear/hook, you can catch the fish and get the money!

There are 7 kinds of fishes in the games! You can find them in HELP, and the money/speed/weight for each fish. There are several kinds of fishes in a certain level, and you will see all kinds of fishes after you pass all the levels.


Freeze The Hell Free Version Freeze The Hell Free Version v1.2

Control a magic frost asteroid in a noble quest of freezing the Hell and saving the mankind.
You should survive as long as possible avoiding plancks which are trying to push you off the screen.


HangMan HangMan v3.5

its a very simple game where you have to guess the WORD before Hang process is completed and before the time is over.You can choose different categories(i.e. Country Names, Sprots Names, Animal Names, Element Names and Movie Names).


IronBall IronBall v1.0

Deltroy the ball by touch it before ball drops on ground.
Two or more pieces can be destroyed once.
Have FUN!


MeteorChaos MeteorChaos v1.0

MeteorChaos is a game of reflexes and timing. Blast Meteors as they fall out the sky. Help keep your planet and the ones you love alive for as long as you can and score some major point along the way!

Tap screen to fire bullet in that diretion. Stop meteorites from reaching bottom of screen to scroe points hitting health power ups gives you extra life. You lose life when meteorites go off screen and its GAME OVER when you are out of life. Meteorites spawn faster over time.

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