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Free! Easy to use tip and tax calculator. The perfect tool you need to calculate the desired tip and split the bill between all your friends.

This calculator includes many useful features:
* Option to include or exclude tax in bill amount.
* Pretax tip option to calculate tip based on bill amount before or after tax.
* Calculates the amount to split between each person.
* Allows saving and recalling a previous calculation.
* Setup default values so you don't need to keep entering frequently used numbers and options. Defaults load automatically each time.
* Allows user to select from a list of currency symbols to display besides the dollar $ sign such as the euro, pound, etc.
* Continuously calculate as you enter numbers.


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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Developer makes every effort to make this application error and bug free. However, Developer is not responsible for any error and inaccuracy. No warranties or guaranties given, expressed, or implied. Use as is.

Tip Tax and Split
Tip Tax and Split
Tip Tax and Split


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Android 1.6
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240 dpx
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Screen portrait, Touchscreen
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