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We all love Android, but let's face it, moving those icons and widgets around your home screens can be quite tedious. Launch Screen Organizer changes all of that!

Launch Screen Organizer consists of two components, an Android application that runs on your device and a desktop application that runs on your computer.

Ready!? Launch the desktop component and click Load. Launch Screen Organizer retrieves the current home screens from your device over your existing Wifi connection - NO WIRES NEEDED. Once fully retrieved, all of the home screens are laid out in a very easy-to-see grid which mimics your existing home screens (see screenshot below). In addition, all the applications installed on your device are displayed across the bottom - just in case you want to add them to a home screen. Now simply drag-and-drop, using your mouse (or track pad), to easily organize existing and/or add new applications to any of your home screens.

Organize your home screens using your computer!

1. Launch - the desktop component
2. Load – home screens from your device
3. Organize – using drag and drop on your computer (add apps too!)
4. Apply – the changes you’ve made to your device. (FULL version only)
5. Enjoy!

Feedback wanted - details @

Note that this is a trial version that cannot apply changes to your device. Full version coming very soon.


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Not rated
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Copyright 2010 - KiuanSoft, Inc.

Launch Screen Organizer (Trial)
Launch Screen Organizer (Trial)


Minimum Android version: 
Android 1.5
Minimum screen width: 
320 dpx
Requires features: 
Touchscreen, Wifi
Requires permissions: 
Access wifi state, Change wifi multicast state, Internet, Read phone state, Write external storage,,,,

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Trying Launch Screen Organizer Trial on Samsung Galaxy S

I just tried your Trying Launch Screen Organizer Trial on Samsung Galaxy S. I had to use the manual connection as it didn't see the name of my device - that was easy enough (but maybe you do want to know).
The more important point is: I copied the IP address and port from the phone app onto the Java PC app and tried to connect. The PC side immediately showed a small error message window but nothing on it other than X on a red button (and OK at the bottom of the window). The phone app started saying it was preparing information and then it died with the following message:
The application Launch Screen Organizer (Trial) (process com.px3j.Isotrial) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.. dumpstate_app_201011131758_com_px3j_Isotrial.log has been saved. Use *#9900# to copy out log
and a Force close button under that.
Unfortunately, I went around hunting for that log file but I couldn't find it and even if I did, I am not sure what it means to "use *#9900# to ...". Is this a phone number I am supposed to send it to? If yes, is this a big log file which will cost me $$$ to send back to you? Couldn't I send it via email??

I love the idea of your app and I love to help if I can but right now, I just don't know what to do.
Nagib ( please reply to:

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