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Flashbook Flashcards is a powerful, yet fun-to-use flashcard viewer. It is fully customizable, allowing you to study facts on any subject. You can freely download decks instantly from the millions of cards available online. Once your decks are downloaded, no internet connection is needed for use. You can browse your decks using various study and memorization techniques, such as spaced repetition, that will enhance your memory retention. It is the perfect memorization/study tool for students on-the-go because it's always with you, ready to use and remembers where you left off.

There are no limits to the amount of decks you can store and use or to the size of your decks. Downloading decks directly from popular websites is just one way to obtain decks, they can also be imported via CSV files or created using Flashbook itself.

Decks can be stored and run on internal memory or from your external SD card. Using your SD card allows easy mass editing of decks using a PC and allows flashcard decks to be shared with others. Decks can be filtered to show only cards that contain specific words or phrases. You can also shuffle decks and switch the questions with the answers. The colors of the card fronts, backs and text can be set, as can the font size.

Cards can be reviewed sequentially or used with spaced repetition. A modified Leitner method is offered which reinforces your memory retention by showing you the cards you are having trouble with more often. You can set the number of times you must get a card correct before it is temporarily hidden.

To locate a flashcard deck on a specific subject, tap the magnifying glass icon (or tap SEARCH FOR DECKS) at the top of the main screen. With an active internet connection, the most relevant decks related to your search term will be shown. Tap on a listed deck and you can immediately load it and begin swiping through it. Tap a card in the deck to flip it over and see the answer. If you answer the question correctly, tap on "Get It Right?" to hide the card and move on to the next card, or just swipe the card away to bring up the next card.

Flashbook's main screen always displays a card from the current deck - you are always working. Tap the main menu icon and you have access to Flashbook's features. Below the top title bar of the main screen is the Filter bar, where you can specify a phrase that all currently visible cards must contain. At the very bottom left of the screen is the text "int" or "ext" that specifies whether your current deck is running from internal or external memory. Next to that is the current deck's name and further right is the current card number out of total cards visible (not hidden or filtered out). All hidden and filtered cards are re-shown when the current deck is reset from the main menu.

Just above the bottom line is a slider that allows you to jump to any position in a deck. Long press on any card and you can edit that card, add another card or delete that card permanently. Each card can contain a Question, Answer, Hint and Subject.

Use electronic flashcards - save a tree!


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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Android 4.4
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Android 2.3.3
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Access network state, Internet, Read external storage, Write external storage

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