Super Arcade Boy in Defender of Planet Earth Super Arcade Boy in Defender of Planet Earth v1.0

A Retro Style Classic Side-Scrolling Shoot'em Up!

*** NO Ads, NO In-App Purchases EVER ***

Super Arcade Boy's Debut!

- 8 Levels with Bosses.
- Power-ups.
- Amusing Dialogue between Aliens and Super Arcade Boy.
- Retro Style Classic.
- Waves of Enemies.
- HD Graphics.

Super Arcade Boy's up to the challenge. ARE YOU?


Crazy Nerd Crazy Nerd v1.0

Amazing game in a realistic world !


Killer Bubbles Killer Bubbles v1.0

Fly your ship around and shoot as many bubbles as possible before they combine to create bigger bubbles like the indestructible mega killer bubble.


Joshua Jump Joshua Jump v1.0

Have fun as Joshua in this new exciting game.


Alien Invaders Alien Invaders v1.0

Defence Earth and stop alien invasion by destroying their mother ship


Cube Trip Cube Trip v1.4

What happens if a cube goes into space?


Space Warz Space Warz v1.0

Fly through the galaxy and shoot down all your enemies


Shooting Shooting v1.0

- Shooting Game - classic arcade shoot now you can play it on your smart phone.


Space Survival Space Survival v1.0

Space survival is an arcade game where you must survive of meteor rains and hordes of enemy spaceships, the game will be put harder as time goes.


Endless Invaders Endless Invaders v1.0.0

Fight for your life against those evil invaders from the outer space!


Time Tanks Time Tanks v1.0

Classic tank battles with a time-slowing twist for tight spots!


Bubble Shooter Bubble Shooter v1.2

Shoot the bubbles, having fun with bubble shooter with more than 45 levels


Eyes&Night.Halloween Eyes&Night.Halloween v1.0.0

Overcome your fear! Go through the forest on Halloween night!


Undead Invasion Pro Undead Invasion Pro v1.0

The hordes are coming! Stand up and fight back!


TankChaos TankChaos v1.0.2

Tank Chaos is an outright unleash the mayhem game.


Space Alien Warrior Space Alien Warrior v1.0.6

Scrolling space shooter. Shoot aliens, avoid asteroids, buy new ships!


Armor Armor v1.0

The circle is protected by an armor of shells. Can you crush them all?


GalactiblasterFull GalactiblasterFull v1.0

Blast your way through hordes of enemies! Collect power ups and destroy bosses!


Galaxy Scout Galaxy Scout v1.7

Galaxy main sentence is still the same - be quick or be dead


New Age Vanguard New Age Vanguard v1.0.0

in the digital age data is power and new breed of defenders is needed