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Win With Widgets - Promote Your Android Apps In New Ways

Did you know you can easily promote your apps on websites, blogs, and forums using SlideME Widgets like the one below?

SlideME Widgets work a lot like ads, except they can provide more details than simply a purchase link. These widgets are designed to display relevant up-to-date info about your apps straight from the SlideME Market, such as the developer, price, or even your application icon. Using the provided HTML code, you can embed these widgets into nearly any internet medium that provides HTML capability. You could place them on your website, on a company blog, within internal or external forums, or even marketing emails. We provide a variety of Widget designs you can implement with little effort.

The Rise And Fall Of Junk and Spam Android Apps

With Android being listed as the best-selling smartphone platform worldwide, it comes as no surprise that developers are flocking to its Android Market, which already has around 320,000 apps available as of September 2011 (374,303 as of Feb 5, 2012). A full 74 percent of those are free apps and while giving apps away doesn’t net a developer money off the bat, it’s still by far the best way for an app to become popular and gain traction in any app marketplace.

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