Streamline Your Application Distribution with SlideME’s AppDF Support

SlideME has teamed up with the One Platform Foundation to help developers distribute their applications across multiple stores. With the App Description File (AppDF) format, you can create a single file that describes your app and can be uploaded to multiple app stores. Within the AppDF file, you can combine your application’s market description, screenshots, the APK, promo graphics, icons, and video files.This will not only save you time, but helps in part to reduce the fragmentation of the Android ecosystem.

"The AppDF initiative from One Platform Foundation is a step forward for app publishers. AppDF eliminates most hurdles faced today for major app publishers with a large amount of apps to manage and ingest their apps into multiple stores. We expect in due time, users will have access to more quality apps from major app publishers on even non-Google Play enabled (growing exponentially as more device vendors leverage AOSP) devices operated by alternative stores, provided that user trust can be built via stricter approval processes, as done by SlideME already."  - SlideME

To utilize the AppDF format on SlideME, simply create a developer account if you haven’t already. Then either in the “Upload Application” form for a new app or the “Edit” form of your existing application, click the link at the top of the page that reads as follows:

Do you have an AppDF file for this application? Click here to import it.

Note that the maximum upload size for the AppDF file is 100 MB. Only files with the .appdf extension may be uploaded.

To find out more about the AppDF format (including the AppDF Editor), visit the One Platform Foundation site.