SlideME announces In-App-Payments SDK, Payouts in bitcoins, and new payment methods

SlideME has several key announcements:  

  1. Availability of the SlideME In-App-Payments (IAP) SDK
  2. Developer Payouts in bitcoins
  3. Mobile billing with many more payment methods to come
  4. Users can earn virtual currency to pay for apps or purchase in-app-items
With the release of the SlideME IAP SDK, developers can monetize their freemium apps (i.e., free to download but include the option for users to purchase in-app-items) distributed via SlideME to the many Android Open Source Project (AOSP) based devices without Google Play Services. In-app purchases for users is seamless as they can continue to use our current or new payment options, including purchasing in-app items through their existing SlideME Wallet.

The sheer volume of non-Google Play enabled devices can no longer be ignored by app publishers as more device vendors are leveraging the AOSP, which does not include the closed-source apps and services like Google Play and Google Maps. Developers should have a distribution strategy for apps being distributed to these AOSP based devices .

Today at MWC, we’re seeing Nokia releasing the Nokia X device based on the AOSP, and therefore without Google Play. SlideME as of today is present on the Nokia X, and many other device manufacturers have preloaded SlideME as a respected alternative to Google Play.

Good news for developers today from SlideME.  Developers have the option to be paid out in Bitcoins or to their Coinbase Wallet instantly.

Additionally, we have added Mobile Billing from Fortumo as a new payment method at the SlideME store level.  Users will be able to pay for apps directly by being charged to their mobile phone bill. Any overpayment due to the limited price points provided by carriers will be credited to their SlideME Wallet. So users will not need to worry about making an over-payment for an app that costs less or does not match the carriers’ price points.

Users will also be able to engage in offers from which they will earn virtual currency. This  virtual currency is then instantly converted and credited to the user’s SlideME Wallet. Users can then make purchases for premium apps or purchase in-app-items from within apps or games just as if they had topped up their Wallet directly.

Developers implementing the IAP SDK are agnostic to the payment methods supported by SlideME. With SlideME’s approach, developers are not required to pollute their quality apps with payment options, offer-walls, or extra SDK’s since it makes sense to have such at the store level.

An important note is that SlideME also supports the OpenIAB initiative with the release of the new SlideME Market app v6. This means developers can implement the single OpenIAB SDK for all in-app-payments to be supported from multiple stores.  The logic/interfaces required for OpenIAB will be adopted within the SlideME Market (SAM) app so developers do not need to include different IAP SDK’s for different stores.